For our annual winter trip this year we decided to stay in Japan after having spent so much time in Europe during the rest of the year. The logical destination was...well...southward towards some warmer weather so we ended up exploring two prefectures of Kyushu we had never visited before: Nagasaki and Kagoshima. This is the first part of our 3 week trip down south, a weekend roadtrip we took in Nagasaki Prefecture where we explored some old mining islands, amazing scenery, special Nagasaki foods and a little piece of hell. Enjoy!

On our way south we were treated to a pretty wonderful Fuji.

Kyde making friends with one of Nagsaki's famous kitties.

This is what Kyde saw that sent us in the direction of a mining island.


Boat buddies.

Cool shape.

On a tiny train, headed into the earth.



Neat goat.

We have a goal!

Working on a reenactment face.

Got it!

"He has a picture of himself on his hat!"