It's been on our list for years but we finally made it to the island of Sado thanks to a travel campaign the government is currently running. Cool place for sure, got to see some unique stuff for sure and it was nice to get out of the city for a bit.

A girl checking a train schedule.

Three real fast bois.

Eki-bento is the best bentos!

Japan looks so cool.

Kyde wrapping up some final details of life.

Going over the mountain rage brought a glimpse of fall.

Kyde makes friends everywhere she goes.

Ever take a picture like this to remember what room you are staying in? hahaha

See, more friends.

A quick fika before dinner, haha.

Yuzu tea.

Sometimes one finds their spirit animal.

Really cool ad for a bar, it looks like the prices for a gas station but it's prices of drinks.

We found a chill little place to grab a bite and a drink in Niigata the night before we made our way to Sado.

Flashing my gov't buxx.

Oh, the place we ate was called Dangerous Chicken. Hahahaha.

Are you kidding me right about now?! This is the front door? No-pe.

On a boat! Kyde's favorite place.

Those seagulls know people will throw bread out of the boat window for them, so they lay in wait.

And they followed the boat all the way to Sado!

Just chilling, you know how I do.

These signs are on boats apparently often, I've come across them many times and am surprised each time. Like, are there perverts out there that are getting ready to violate someone and see the sign and suddenly realize "oh dag, it's against the rules! I'd better restrain myself!"

Dude is laid out lol

There's our island for the next few days. With a welcome rainbow!

This sun is no joke on it's brightness.

But wow, how about that for an awesome picture?!

Meet Rust Bucket.

Fill the gas on the right side. Haha.

Poetic. Hahaha.

Odd place to yawn.

Cool turtle island. Should we hike down?


Comic sans is best sans.

The new crew.