To our immense surprise, we have reached 5000 subscribers. We never thought that anyone would be interested in our videos and we're blown away by all those who have watched and become involved in our vlogging lives! We are so excited to keep making videos! We thought the best way to celebrate would be to do a Q&A video to answer all the questions our subscribers could conjure up! Thanks to everyone who contributed questions! We had a great time answering all of them!

Getting the day started in Ikebukuro!

This was an amazing car we found along the way! Where's his grill?

Eric is this many plants long!

Not only did we stop to smell the flowers, but we also stopped to lick the nipples, too! It's only polite!

Little chicken!

Let's not ruin this one with words!

Best park equipment ever!

Eric taking a spin on top!


If you can translate it, then you know we live in a bad neighborhood!

Our district flower is the mini sunflower! So cute!