This update covers the time we spent in Abu Dhabi. We jumped head first into our first couchsurfing experience with our new friends, Jim and Nydia. We stayed at their absurdly luxurious apartment! It's really crazy how awful some places we stayed were and how nice others were. Seriously, there was a pool on the roof! This was a great first glimpse into the fun possibilities of this internet community. We also went ice skating in one of the hottest places we�ve ever visited! Enjoy!

We visited the luxurious Emirates Palace!

This machine was quite bizarre. Apparently, you can trade dirham (the currency in the UAE) for gold! GOLD-TO-GO!

This is what happens when you leave the lucious comforts of A/C for the steamy streets of Abu Dhabi!

The Palace was quite a sight to see!

We took a sunset swim in the Persian Gulf. It's the only water we've ever played in which was hotter than the air temperature. The water temperature was around 100 degrees!

Moose Ears!

Sunset foot tan!

We found a strange restaurant which served up diner-type foods like sandwiches and milkshakes! This milkshake was outstanding!

Ice skating in one of the hottest cities we visited!

We took a nighttime stroll to visit the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. It is the largest mosque in the UAE measuring 5 football fields! It was enchanting to see at night!