Japan is running discount bullet-train tickets and we had a long weekend so we decided to finally hit up Aomori together! Eric had been up briefly during his 2016 trip hitchhiking to Hokkaido, but it was Kyde's first visit. Road trips are the best, especially when they invlove Jesus *and* ponies!

On the speedy train headed north.

We arrived to a nice temperature device lol.

Welcome to Aomori!

"No service" hotel.


No service, but the essentials.

Waking up in a dump.

"Dangerous trip."

The countryside is so nice.

Wow we look great.

My man.

Ne? Sigh, Japanese is impossible.

Finally the pilgrimage is coming to a close!

That's a heck of a story.

There it is, the resting place of the man himself. For sure. No doubt.

"What was that?! Go back I think it was a photo frame for the dam!"

...where are we?!

Lots of manji on manholes in Hirosaki.

Kyde knows what it feels like to be huge now.


This is actually just a normal sized building in Japan.

Cheezing hard.

Hey everyone, I'm showing some leg. Soak it up.

Really nice sunset time.

Wow. Nice.

Really cool hotel lobby in Aomori-shi.

Good morning, Aomori-shi.

"Is that...some sort of hearse?"

Fancy dude.

You know it snows a lot in town when you see stairs for the phone box.

Kewl pyramid.

Ugh stroads. If you don't know stroads, check out "Not Just Bikes" on Youtube.

Just got a glimpse of an absurd "anime car" as it passed us. Quite...something.

Kewl bridge.

Ok, this is legit one of the coolest things we have come across in Japan.

Check out the bottom left of the plate!

This Amabie seat cusion was in the train station. Amabie is awesome.

Post-pony relaxation.

Really cool Aomori-style artwork.

No Scotty theft! Strictly!

Brutal heat, brutal sun and stairs. An unpopular combo.

Looking fresh!

This view almost doesn't seem real.

Dang it.

This candy was about as bad as you are assuming.

It's not a Japanese road trip if you don't find yourself in a rice paddy.

Kyde is trying to get a dragonfly to land on her hand haha.

Everything has a shrine, even a train tunnel.

Flowers are neat.

Cool little bridges to go out to the tip.

A tad on the rusty side though, haha.

Not for the bare of feet.

Sunsets are sorta like pizza, even meh sunsets are still pizza. I think I got that right.

We considered sleeping in the car, but after all the sun we wanted a shower. There were public showers at the sunset spot, but they were closed due to covid.

Huge moon that night. The moon is neat.

Lol, look at these instructions on how to get into our hotel room. What on earth?

Dope ride. Would love to do a long trip on something like this.

Our current ride...not too bad either.

Ohhh hayou´╝ü

At a restaurant: Don't forget your wallet, phone, camera, glasses, souvenirs, handkerchiefs, keys, rings....or socks? Socks?

Great view of Hokkaido!

People looking at ponies.

Ponies looking at people.

Look close, you can see one of the giant flies tourturing these horses.

The pony wrangler is back there wrangling ponies.


Trying to get artistic with it.

But I'm popping panties, so the art isn't exactly classy.

He's just napping, but we were concerned at first.


Don't pet or even get close to the horses. And leave your pets in your car!

Obligatory mascot.

This was actually legit.

Ok, turn around, go back to the barber shop we just passed.

Totally badass.

Look how big it is!

Sometimes the finds in Japanese countryside are wild.


Full of authority!

Ramen for dinner!

"noodle lift"

We didn't stay here, and I'm sure it's disappointed some folks.

Slippers don't fit Eric.

Here's a dude you want on your team.

Just as Kyde was feeling weird about naked lady statues everywhere we found a striking dude pedaling apples.

Cool postbox.

Neat little diorama of the coolest station we've ever found.

Wonder if there are deeper political reasons for this than simply "for sports."

Oh man, I wish this was in my size.

Just a girl and an apple.

Will do!

Wow dope ride.

Kind of a cool name for a train stop.

Wonder what they sell.

Hay there.

That nurse looks overworked, haha.

Amabie is everywhere.

What is that?!

I like when I find these pictures Kyde takes.

The Nebuta are so cool, you gotta seem them in person!

This dude looks unimpressed, haha.

Really dig this logo got the Aomori (blue/green forest) train system.

One last float at the station.

Fish Shinkansens?

The snacks for heading home.

While we were in Aomori the Olympics started. They had pretty cool lighting on the bridge by our apartment during the games.