It's been over a year since we moved in but we finally have our apartment setup how we have wanted so here's a tour and cost breakdown of where we are currently living. It's technically in Sumida Ward, but a very close walk to Asakusa so we sort of incorrectly say we live in Asakusa as it's more identifiable to people who are from different parts of the city. If you want to see our previous apartments here is a playlist of them!

Here is the floorplan of our place. It's 41m² or 441ft², if you'd like to see a higher res of the floorplan click here:

The monitor on Eric's desk before moving over for Kyde. Get a monitor arm, everyone, they are amazing!

It's a long story, but they had a hell of a time running the fiber line into our apartment for internet. This guy was fighting with it for hours, hhaha.

New toilet day!

When we take pictures for Youtube thumbnails we just take a bunch. This is like a third of them, haha.

Kyde in her pre-monitor life. Not ideal.

And here are a few different sunsets we have seen over the year.