Ban Na Hin is the traveler's stop for seeing one of the coolest cave experiences in Laos, Tham Kong Lo. You can charter a little dingy boat to take you through a 7km long cave. The cave stretches through a large hill and has openings on both sides. It's used as a transport route for tabacco traders! Also, Kyde gets to ride her second motorbike. This one has gears! Enjoy!

This boy has ridden his bike out into the field to trade it in for a cow! Eric says that cows don't like to be ridden!

Hooray! A puppy friend!

Kyde taking her first long journey on a manual motorbike! It was awesome!

We visited Tham Kong Lo cave which is a must see if you visit Laos! Our tour was quite easy going and we were able to wander around and investigate the cave!

We saw many boats going through the cave and we wondered what they were transporting back and forth. Once we reached the other side, there was a distinct smell in the air. It turned out they were transporting dried tobacco!

Tham Kong Lo looks intimidating from the outside! Also, note that the man in this picture has a battery strapped to his back which has exposed wires. At any time, he could be splashed with water and receive a massive shock!

These are some serious boulders!