This set of videos and pictures is from our last visit to Bangkok when the protests were just starting. We had to add pages to our passports. So, a trip to the US embassy was a must during this Bangkok stop. After taking care of that, we walked out of the US Embassy to a surprise protest of around 10,000 people at the doorstep, it was intense! We got some pretty amazing footage and these videos are some of my favorite that we have made. Enjoy!

We returned to Bangkok as a transition city from Southeast Asia to make our way to Northeast Asia. During this time, the Bangkok Protests were taking place and the streets were filled with red shirts!

Everywhere you looked, there were people taking a stand!

Protest Perfection!

Kyde loves the King!

Having recently been in Indonesia, it was fun to wander past their embassy in Thailand!

It was strange to think that Bangkok was starting to feel like home!