More wildlife! During our motorbike ride to Sepilok we checked out a charming little cave full of bats and roaches, which was.....wonderful? Amazingly outside the cave were a few wild orangutans swinging and napping in the trees. Once we arrived in Sepilok we visited a memorial park for WW2 POWs, a spooky cemetery, a pretty church and a Pizza Hut. How's that for a dose of culture? Hahaha.

Let's roll!

Still just stunned how close we got to him doing his morning routine.

Are those houses?!


Wow. Looks much cooler than it smells.

Another local having breakfast.

Getting some sunshine.

A roadside monkey dude!

One of Eric's favorite dishes.

Not a bad view from a cemetery.

A bit surprising to find something so authentic so far from it's home culture.

Still moving!