It's hard to believe, but we found even more wildlife! We checked out an amazing sanctuary for Borneo's endangered Sun Bears and a refuge for orangutans in need of help before motorbiking our way up to the base of Mount Kinabalu for a stay in a long house on a tea plantation on New Year's Eve. Just writing that sentence out makes it all sound unreal! Enjoy!

First picture of many bear stuffs!

Bear stuffs!

Bear stuffs!

Bear stuffs!

Bear stuffs!

Bear stuffs! (Look close!)

Bear stuffs!

Bear stuffs!

Us (and bear) stuffs!

A literal sign you are in a Muslim-majority country.

The mysterious Mount Kinabalu is coming into view!

We feel it!

Welcome to 2017!

We loved watching this "sea of clouds" flow around in the valley.

Not to be outdone by the clouds around Kinabalu, of course.

Kyde getting her tourist game on!

That's uh...nasty.

More mysterious clouds!

A little market on the side of the road. No shortage of things like this in SE. Asia.

Found a hillside cemetary near the city.

Kyde gave Costanza a spin!

...and looked like a badass.

Cheezing out!