The motorbike portion of our trip begins on a wonderful Festivus! Fireflies, awesome trains and white water rafting is on the menu! Oh, also some subpar noodles.

It has a very high strength-to-weight ratio.

Let's do this!

Great name for a bike rental company!

Definitely in Asia.

Turn around! It's important!

A glimpse into our future....

We made it!

Looks like most towns in this part of Asia.


Tupperware is not hard to come by, that's for sure.

A very cool little place to go on a firefly tour from.

A bit beautiful, a bit spooky.

Our vessel!

On the way back from the fireflies this was the dock. Lighting looked awesome.

In a totally unexpected treat we stumbled across some kids practicing for an event at a Chinese temple, one of the coolest things we came across on our trip for sure.

Sweet door.

Why do we have so many different 10 kroner coins?

On our way to the early morning train.

A bit different looking than Japanese train stations.

Haha, a bit different than (most) Japanese trains!

Not just for dogs!

One of our favorite pictures from the trip!

Is it OK to be here while it's moving? Haha.

The train is super photogenic.

Riding in the train along the very river we'd be rafting soon was a very cool touch.


Headed out on our voyage.

Getting a little intense!

Waiting for our replacement craft after the first one sank.

Kyde made a little art in the sand.

A sequence of Eric getting a mouth full of river water starts here.

That looks fun!!!

Cool shop, bad noodles.