Ok! This update covers... CAIRO, EGYPT! That means pyramids! HOORAY!

Even the batteries know where we are going!

Heading into the Egyptian Museum! Mummies!

Floating on the Nile! This is some Tom Sawyer shit right here!

Playing around in the sails!

This is what the riverside of the Nile in Cairo looks like.

A gorgeous sunset!

This is a picture of the core of our hotel buidling. So clean you could eat off it, right?

A rainbow of ladies on our their to see the Pyramids!

We found the big boy!

Face to face with the Sphinx. The men on camels in the background are a nice touch!

One suave mofo!

We are really here!

Apparently the Sphinx is pretty popular!

Our best shot of the day! You can see all three pyramids!

Making art at the base of the big one!

this picture gives a little perspective of the size of each step of the pyramid. Each step is quite tall and was hard for Kyde to climb.

The tube to nowhere.

This is a residental area outside of the tourist traffic in central Cairo. This dog has a pimp ride. Also, the Egyptian license plate is cool to see!

This man embellishes brass plates. He's super talented and we got to watch his skills for a bit!

This is one of the scariest ladders we have encountered. For a small fee, you can climb to the top of a minaret in the middle of Cairo. Time your ascent properly and you can experience the overwhelming melody of the call to prayer from every angle. We did and it was definitely one of our favorite moments from the trip!

We got to climb twin minarets. Kyde took this picture from the other tower. You can see Eric in the middle of the pillars. Being on top of Cairo was amazing!

Just some random litter. That looks safe!