This update documents our time spent in Chiang Mai. Although Chiang Mai is heavily touristed, there is a good bit of fun to be had away from the crowds. During this first visit to Chiang Mai, we got to spend an entire day being elephant owners. We fed, cleaned and rode the elephants! It was amazing! Enjoy the footage!

Just a tad bit bored on one of those long bus journeys!

We don't have seen medical pictures on our cigarette packs in the US, but we did see a huge number of people still smoking. Are they working? I don't think so!

After the long trip to Chang Mai, Eric took a nap in a hammock!


I think only WOW can sum this up!

A bit of wisdom!

The Wat Doi Suthep temple involved quite a workout!

A bird's eye view of Chiang Mai from Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep.



Primal Thailand!

The ventured out to the Mae Sa Waterfall. It makes Eric look like an ant!

Oh My!

In our search for a chat with a monk, we found these philosophical trees!

Either Eric is getting bigger or the vans here are getting smaller!

The Wat Chedi Luang temple is an elephant lovers paradise!

The precursors to a party!

This dog was stone cold. He stood in the middle of the road. We drove our motorbike right next to him and he just stayed put. When we parked, he just stared at us.

At the Sunday Walking Market, this man was making glass magic for everyone to watch!

Right before we met some elephants!

We gave our new elephant friends, Puchan and Maemai, a bath and they decided that we needed a shower!

Kyde jumping on an elephant for the first time!

The tusks can be pretty scary!

Eric trekking through the woods with Maemai!

Taking a dip with our big buddies!

Our last few moments before we had to say goodbye!