We have been waiting for Golden Week and Kyde will use any excuse to rent a car! So it was time for another van camping event! We headed east of Tokyo to Chiba. We thought it was just the wilderness we'd find out there, but there was so much more! Chiba was a wonderful place to visit and we definitely can see ourselves going back!

It started out epically!

Badass dragons devouring swords!

It's koinoburi time! Kyde loves these flying fish!

Aquariums always have the best and strangest artwork. Why is this happening? Seriously... is this even aquatic?

He loves to be on the high place!

All you can each strawberries, dude!

We have discovered the world of autocamping! Can we get some showers? Please!

Black sand beach. Looks like oreos but does not taste as good!

Kobaton has moved from Saitama to Tokyo and now he's enjoying his Chiba adventure! What a well-traveled bird!

Eric took this amazing picture of the moon with our camera. We can't believe this quality out of our little bot!

Found a few waterstrolls on a nice little walk in the woods!

If there is a sexy statue to be found, we will find it!

Ride the wave!

Kyde also likes being on the high place!

Found lots of silkworms on a little island!

Rice terraces are super romantic!

Did that sign have a tanuki on it? We gotta get a picture of that! Kyde seriously almost hit a tanuki later that night. Lucky for all animals involved no one was hurt!

A last morning photo with Tiffany!


Eric really likes this picture!

Now that's a big buddha!

The view from above Chiba is one of Kyde's favorite sights she's seen in Japan!

Just putting this one in there for good measure!

Eric found this one in a bathroom. No fucking way!

After a long and aggrevating ride, it was nice to finally see home!