We love exploring Tokyo's many wards and finally got a chance to do the third in our series. We picked Chuo-Ku because we had heard rumors the Tsukiji Fish Market would be moved to a new location sometime soon and wanted to see it in it's original form before the move. We also had the chance to check out lots of other cool stuff of course including Ginza, a bowl of legit tempura and the "center" of Japan!

Japan does have it's scary bits.

We found the center!

A Cameron Frye moment?

This baby is up to no good.

Only all the time!

That's not normal.

High fashion gals!


We found a car from the future.


Wonderful place for a chocolate break!


Cityscapes at night are wonderful.

A fabled place!

In the holding cell. Haha.

Holy crap, that's how big a tuna is?!

..and there are lots of them!

That's a lot of styrofoam.