In a last minute decision we met up in the small town of Maibara on the edge of Lake Biwa to start a 200+km bike ride around the lake. Being the largest lake in the country and seeing as how we aren't at all in shape for such a trip we were worried it could be a disaster. Turned out to be amazing fun and super beautiful courtesy of the thousands of perfectly in-bloom cherry blossom trees. 10 out of 10, would cycle again.

Getting ready for the day.

hi. i have a bike now.

Just about to set off. The staff here was super nice. They asked us for our Youtube channel, haha.

Starting to get a grasp on just how many sakura trees we were about to see.

Hydrate often!

Your standard big boi right there.

It'd be a challenge to find something more "Japan."


Lunch time! Pack in those calories!

Taking a break from the wind we were hitting on the north side of the lake.

The tiles on the roof of that house are cool.

The look on his face got me giggling.

Giant Kyde invades!

We spotted monkeys!

Moments before we got our camera out this one was sitting in the Sakura tree.

I got a picture of this monkey trying to take pictures of the other monkeys.

Came along a field of abandoned stone statues.

Made for a decent thumbnail.

This dude is stoked to slam that IC card around.

Gitten them goodz.


These sage nubbins are directing us to the pudding.

Pretty much extremely tired here, headed back to the hotel.

Something here ain't right.

Finally ready to sleep.

Carmella is a hussy.

Here's that babe that is in the shower room of our hotel. Heeeeeeey guuurl.

The hotel had nots from previous guests. This one is cute, clearly written by a young kid, they added furigana to the kanji haha.

I dig mirror selfies.

The local youth must really have a reputation of running out in the street haha.

Thumbnail photoshoot time!

And the b-sides!

Cheezing out

Sore nards.

Stay hydrated!

Our parking spot for our little walk through the bamboo forest with the swampy vibe.

I promise this was totally safe to take. Don't worry.

Ok, I really didn't expect to come across this.

Who are the dutch!?

Tbh, with how tall I am I am probably the Dutch. Hahaha.

Hey. Haha.

Ok, this is really cool. A bit surprised there is only of these gates in the lake.

Neat old mail truck.

Is that a real do.....oh, nope.

Kyde needs a shave.

Made it "home" before dark! Yay.