This update is covering our brief time in Deajeon, South Korea. We visit the ghost town that is the Expo Science Park and play with all the gadgets! Enjoy!

Long story short, we got interviewed by a local newspaper while watching one of the World Cup games! The lady was super nice and the game was sadly a loss for the South Koreans. It was hard to see all those sad pandas!

When the South Koreans play in the World Cup, it's no joke! Supports come out in mass and really get into the game! It was a lot of fun to join in!

Eric has found some height brethren!

Death by hippo? That would be a pretty badass epitaph!

Stuck between mirrors! How many Erics do you count?

Playing around with video technology at the National Science Museum!

Robot Monsters! There is a hand crank for this guy, but no one could figure out what it did!

Pod people!

We make beautiful things. Kyde might be the new pope!