This update is from our exciting introduction into India! Enjoy!

Leaving the expense of Japan for the free ice cream of India!

This was our first sight of Delhi in the daylight. We ended up renting a hotel room down this street!

The Prime Minister of India's House!

While enjoying the view of the India Gate, we noticed a mother and daughter having hennai done on their hands. The daughter was happy, but the other seemed quite annoyed by us. So, we let them be. Later, they came up to us and the daughter spoke a good bit of English. The mother quickly turned all smiles when she realized we were nice people!

We found the Red Fort! On the way into the fort, they search your bag quite extensively. Kyde was quite embarassed when the Muslim women guards found her prophylactics!

Threezy and friends! The black dog was the original Threezy! There have been many who have followed, but he was the best! He followed us all around the fort! BFFS!

In preparation for the Commonwealth Games and a huge influx of tourists, the Indian people were hard at work to spruce up the fort!

Pretty Shadows!

Humayun's Tomb was a Taj Mahal teaser! It felt massive and looked gorgeous. The Taj would blow it out of the water!

The Lotus Temple was a bit lackluster. The building was incredible looking, but it felt quite hollow and lifeless.

Just outside our hotel!