It took us a few years to finally make it to DisneySea but we are super glad we did! It was an amazing day as expected, they do a great job of actually making the visit magical! If you want to see our visit to Tokyo Disneyland here's a link:

Ok, so the first few pictures are from where we got to "open the park." It was a really awesome random opportunity and some of the pictures are amazing! Being greeted by the royal mice!


Mickey is trying to show off how tall he can get, haha.

Peekin' that bling!

Get off my koo-aid!

Opening the park!

Ceremonies are finished.


Japan. Where there are more stuffed animals in strollers than children.

Nice boat!

This art makes me a little uncomfortable.

"What's that mountain called?"

Sweet ride.

New friends.

Pack muel!

Just on a little boat ride. No big deal.

"Do you remember the name of that mountain?"

Just out with the family, nbd.

I have no idea what she's doing.

Solving puzzles!


Two boat rides in one day?!

The park is amazing at night!

Really amazing!

Abusing fast passes!