Our last stop in Croatia is the totally stunning and touristy city of Dubrovnik. Possibly the most picturesque place we have ever been, it's no wonder it's made it's way into international fame via Game of Thrones.

We also had a brief layover in Bari, Italy that amounted to eating pizza, basically. Hahahahaha.


Finding crazy plantlife is fun.

Never seen a flower quite like this.


Wow, fancy.

The higher you go, the more amazing it looks.



Fika is still rolling!

The view from the fort is really something too.


Working on the postcard club.


Kyde saying something absurd, for sure.


We didn't talk about it much, but this was the view from our airbnb.

On our way to Italy for a brief stop.



Italy is stunnig looking, basically everywhere.

Best dog of the trip?

That'll catch your eye.

Jugs of wine in a grocery store. Italy.

Now that is a happy family.