In an effort to move some of our stuff from a friend's house to Kyde's dad's house as well as a chance to visit friends, family and go on a cross country road trip I spent the month of May in The States! It felt a little weird to shoot a video in the typical style we tend to make without Kyde there, so I changed it up a bit. I hope you enjoy! -Eric

On my way out the door I left Kyde a note. This picture was tough to look at all month, in a good way.

The beautiful country house where all our stuff, our good friends and the chatty cat lived.

While going through our stuff on a video chat with Kyde we found some graduation caps! Looking sharp, amiright?

Pizzas come with all sorts of crazy things on them these days.

A brilliant bluegrass jamboree! So happy I got to check this out.

Chipotle, ya'll.

Japanese Cheeto party!

Our friend Jeff came cosplaying as Kyde. Hahaha.

Our friend Jesse is nearly as tall as I am. Nearly.

A favorite moment, for sure!

This is, well...somewhat dangerous.

A foggy yet beautiful Grand Canyon.

Cleared up, still beautiful!

I'm still shocked how big these things were!

Is this a...god damn?

Epic fountainage!

So yea, let's drive that way.

California, Jimmy!

The portion sizes in America are out of control. This is a Japanese meal! Crazy.

It looks so mysterious in the fog, I love it.

This is probably the best picture I have ever taken that didn't have Kyde in it. Gotta love the auto setting on the camera. Oh, it was at Crater Lake in Oregon.

Crater Lake is pretty amazing.