We have been looking forward to taking a roadtrip to Mt Fuji and Hakone for a long time. We rented a car and used it to drive and sleep in for two days. Kyde was very excited to see the 5 lakes that surround Mt Fuji. She wanted to touch each one of them! After enjoying the majesty of Mt Fuji, we headed toward Hakone. The city is known for it's sulfuric hot springs. Eggs are boiled in the hot springs and the sulfur turns the shell black. We had to try one! Hope you enjoy this adventure!

Parked in this lot overnight and woke up to this out the window!!

Just plain WOW!

Lake Yamanaka - First of the five lakes!

Lots of views of Mt Fuji were yet to come!

Saw a man painting this! He's amazing!

Found the first geocache!


Lake Kawaguchi is pretty sexy!

More Fuji!

Touched Lake Kawaguchi!

Found the second geocache!

Sexy forest pictures!

Found Saiko Creek while searching for a geocache. Had to figure out how to get down to it!

Smallest waterfall ever!

It looks a lot smaller next to Eric!

The water was freezing and Eric decided it was a good idea to go swimming! He's crazy!

Climbing back up was a bit more difficult.

Can you find Eric?

We got our bat cave tickets and helmets!

It was a tight squeeze at some points.

Tried to attempt a handstand... didn't work!

This is Box! Our home away from home on wheels! We also found this huge RV for a good comparison!

Seriously... is that RV from California?

At the helm!

We found Lake Saiko!

Eric dipped his toe in!

Lake Shijo was the cutest and dirtiest at the same time! We found some dead fish!

Lake Motosu was the most beautiful of them all!

We found out that the view printed on every 1000 yen bill was exactly where we were standing! WOW!!

Lake Motosu What?

Fuji is just amazing!

Good Morning!

About to explore Hakone's hot springs!

Will we survive? Maybe!

The hot spring vents were exciting to see!

Made it to the top!

The big draw to Hakone and the hot springs are the black boiled eggs cooked in the sulfuric hot spring pools! YUMMY!

Black Egg Kitty!

After all the driving, we finished at 465.3 km! The trip was awesome!