After months of quarantining at home the Japanese government lifted their travel ban so we headed out on a road trip to check out an area of Japan we hadn't seen much of before: Fukui and Ishikawa Prefectures, both on the coast of the Sea of Japan.

Fast as a speeding bullet!


Alone on the bullet.

Mt. Fuji is hiding somewhere in those clouds.

Fruity snack for the train.

Making a transfer to the slow trains.

Eric digs different IC cards from different regions in Japan. This will become my daily driver after years of using a KITACA from Hokkaido.

I just now realized there is a sign with Russian on it behind Kyde!

Hopping on the Rainbow Line. Missed Mario Kart opportunity here with the name.

Stumbling across these markers is always a delight. This one simply says "Fukui Prefecture."

Now that's a happy looking family.

Fleely. Of course.

Don't spin it too fast or you'll disorient the customers!

Sitting nicely, no leg swinging.

Kumagaya spotting!

Just a magical little slice of Japan, as it does so often.

We have a drastic height difference.



Looking for pond creatures.


Kyde is really selling that water, hahaha.

The sky above Obama is on fire.

Smexcy fish tiddies.

This makes me uncomfortable.

Neat key thingy.

Crack in the egg! Watch out for Gor Gor.

Obama has a very familiar "small Japanese town" vibe, especially at night. Very quiet.

You know you are in the countryside when all the employees at FamilyMart are Japanese.

No smoking in bed, please.

That's some serious Japan first thing in the morning.


You can see our germ bag in the bowling ball!

Find the kitty.


Surprise eclipse.


Kewl wheels.

On the hunt for a bathroom, haha.



Dino be rollin' safely.


On a date.

Nice colors, Earth.

Nice colors, elephant-san.

Ramen truck for dinner. Can't pass up truck food.

Not bad.

Really want one of these clocks, hahaha.

Breakfast balancing out the costs! It always works out.

Day three. Let's go!

Stay safe, everyone.

Unfortunate car name.

Big chairs.

Signs setup by the local bears. Don't fall for it.

These sticks are often at the tops of mountains, or in this case a hill.

No idea why, but this tree wears glasses.

The dragon shrine is one of our favorite of all time.

"Pull over the car!"

Enjoy the process of us trying to photograph a thumbnail shift into Kyde trying to figure out what Totoro's whiskers look like, haha.

She's quite proud of herself, haha.

Japanese pharmacies are always so bright, haha.



It's getting dangerous.

Wow nice dino.


All of these dino signs were great.

"If the automatic light turns off while you are using the toilet move your head and wave your hands."

Huge sea turtle dude. Amazing.

"Stop walking and using your phone!"

You trust this cook?

Crows are just modern dinos. Beware.

Rad can.

Kyde snack.


Bite sized.

I don't quite fit, maybe I'd be safe.

Dude is a bit derpy.

White-a-saurus! ( I have no idea how to spell that in English, haha)

Fukui looks awesome.


In this part of the prefecture there are dinos everywhere. Imaging showing up in the dark and not knowing why, hahaha.

Kyde making friends.

Just in case you've been startled by a dino, I suppose.

Not exactly the view we had hoped for...


Still not bad.

Nice froggy.

This is detective ass(face). Thanks, Japan.

When you sleep in the car you brush with the car!

Nice tube.

So, my back is hurting pretty bad here, I hate being in bright sun but when you can't really walk sometimes you get stuck.

Drinks with bits are the best drinks.

Wow, creepy fun.

Just feeling all that green.

See that white bit in the water below the cave? We spent way too long trying to decide if it was a dolphin or something alive. Turns out it's a rock. hahaha.


Here's my back at the end of the day. Sigh.

Last day of the prefecture!

Celebrate by giving your liver some work to do!