Sometimes, you just gotta sort out your 3-day weekend only a few days before and just go for it! We only booked our flight to Fukuoka on Tuesday, but we did our best to get a good idea of what to do before going! We got an amazing guide book and advice from friends! Fukuoka is known as a food capital in Japan, and it did not disappoint! If only we had more time/stomach space to enjoy it all! Regardless, it was delicious and fun!

Kyde found a bull to wrestle with!

Chinese giraffe!

Just a bunch of foxes!

Sometimes you find some pretty cool playgrounds in Japan.

What a park!!

Graffiti is rare in Japan, but it speaks the truth! Haha.

The giant cheese omelet!

I still am having a hard time beliving this watermellon weighed that much!

But it's easy to belive this one was square!

Boat ride!!

Part of the crew!

Washing down the "innards" with some awesome!

Gotta get em' by the horns!

Gates are awesome.

But not as awesome as this!