Time to make some big moves! Jail! Foxes! Ponies!

That's a nice goat.

Too tall for prison.

THat's uh, not where water is supposed to be.

Radioactive condom man to the rescue!


It was nice to see storms in the distance for once.


Easy! Not too far at all!

New friend!



Nice ponies!

I made it to Nemuro!

The planned route.


Super east!

Without a bus, I don't know if I would have made it out here.

Keeping Russia in check? haha.


A slightly different take on a doggy bag.

The delicious damage!


Probably the best swamp I've ever seen.


Kind of amazing someone at some point decided to try and eat these things.

That's no cat!

Fog drops!

The lady that hosted me at the AirBNB was amazing and gave me a lot of advice about what to explore in Nemuro so I wrote her a note when I left telling her what I did and thanking her.

Saw a lot of anti-TPP stuff in Hokkaido. Not sure of the details, but farmers didn't seem thrilled with it.

Haha, so much truth.

This is one of those "only in Japan" moments.

spellcheck.exe has crashed.

I love yatai!

Whale shashimi?


This seems like a pretty legit izakaya.

Beautiful flowers on a beautiful day!

Is this Japan?

Feel good stuffs!

Anti-TPP posters.

How many ways is the kanji for horse used?

Who could you outrun?

Haha, can't outrun anyone around here!

Only in Hokkaido!

I came incredibly close to coming home with one of these fat bastards.

You gotta be in the exciting zone!


Powerful Ponies!

Am I crazy or is this picture wonderful?

Not uh, so crowded.

Blown away they put HILLS on this course.

If I had felt better I was going to try this milk ramen for sure. Oh well, next time.

Water boiler twins!