The last bit of my five week adventure around Northern Japan. I was ready to head back to Tokyo, but as I type this nearly 10 months later I'm ready to go back up to Hokkaido!

These are Kyde's favourite chickens! It was great to see them along my trip.

This is who greeted me to Rebun Island. Yikes.

The local recycling center.

Rebun's most northern point! Windy!

Super beautiful.

Trying to fit in with all the beauty around me.

This looks like an owl's butt.

Let's check out this peach and cat rock situation.

That's a peach.

That's a cat.

Kyde had hidden a bookmark in a book I had with me, I had it the entire trip and just found it!


Boat napping is the best napping!

I don't like how that bunny is looking at me.

Sometimes you gotta pour all your leftover wine into a water bottle.

First time I've got to write "south" on a sign!

Pretty much what it looks like in remote northern Hokkaido.

Until you stumble across a giant PENGUIN!

Almost home!