We absolutely loved our first visit to Hong Kong back during our trip around the world and have been dying to get back, especially to explore some of HK's more remote islands. Kyde stumbled across some cheap plane tickets so she snatched them up and off we went! If you want to check out our previous visit to Hong Kong back in 2010, check it out here: https://kydeanderic.com/HongKong

Let's go!

That's a sweet backpack.

Finding some of Hong Kong's grit!

Wearing the right kicks!

It's weird to be able to read something, but not verbalize it at all.

Hong Kong!!

Sup girl.

Brilliant ad!

Team yellow!

Kyde didn't win at dim sum bingo.

Nice shoe shop!

A very cool temple experience!

Kyde doing her best re-enactment.

Unicorn sauce?!

Make a splash!!

The rooms in Chung King Mansions are a bit narrow.

me irl

Getting prepped for the double-decker booze bang bang with some snake juice!

Here comes our chariot!

A lunch well represented in the art world!

Kyde is a big fan of stuff in trees.

Quintessential Hong Kong!

Solid advice.

Oh no.

A name to sell it!

An old lady in the park.


Haha, at the time I just assumed this was a really shitty knock-off Picachu, but apparently it's an actual character!

Hahaha. Fouling.

Is that duck fucking a doughnut?

Our day is off to a good start!

Gotta get your stretch on before hitting a new island.

No bun festival, but still had buns!

Man, we are white af.

I'm not fond of the sun. Why is my arm so hairy?

Sweet doors!

Amazing artwork!!



Seems like...an odd choice of art style.

Another day, anoter dim sum!

Anywhere can be paradise.

Wouldn't want to break the rules.

No, you.

Mirror selfie!

I really wanted to use this as a thumbnail, but it wouldn't crop properly! Dang it!

Butterflies are awesome.

Being swarmed by butterflies is also awesome!

But...it's May.


Very cool little village.

The fireball is on the move!