After our visit to Kobe we had to explore some of Hyogo's countryside. Enjoy!

Getting on the road for the day.


Cheap breakfast best breakfast!

Don't see SUV cop cars often up in the city.

Neat, water!

Good dude.

Whoever does the dishes there is a busy fellow.

Loving this manhole cover.

Small doors are getting out of hand.

Here are some attempts at a thumbnail photo haha

did she make you yawn?



"Act like we are looking at something!"

Really cool lighting on this.

Wonderful find for dinner!

I'm digging taking these random action shots.

Speaking of random action shots.

For context...

...keep the door closed to keep bugs out.

Headed off in the wrong direction.

Confident we are going the right way hahaha

Wondering where the train tracks are....

Ok, back on course.

Ok, found some tracks hahahah

wow kyde is in a bear

The hike was legit super peaceful.

Kyde and a tunnel.

b-rolling some rusty bridge action.

Not finding graffiti.

Nice river.


Kyde throwing more grill for thumbnails hahaha. This sorta summed up her mood at that point.


No really, it was pretty there!

Construction ducks.

Get dog?

She's in trouble.

Seriously though this is an add about molesters.

I'm not sure as to why, but Kyde was stoked to see some sheeps.

One sheeps was stoked to see Kyde hahaha

How is this a real creature?!

Seriously, this is alive?! I love it.

Nice view of the city.

Cool bit of earth retaking this building.

The view of Himeji from the hotel was a nice surprise.

Neat castle.

Bit of daylight for context.

But here's the castle we came for lol

wow nice

Getting German vibes

lol are you serious?

Getting princess vibes now.

Ok, so the castle is just filled with lame stuff haha.

Every room is just a forced "photo spot."

But this one is pretty good.

Feeling royal.


I'm not sure this says what they are hoping, but I dig it.

The view *from* the castle was alright. Better than the view inside anyways. he ok?

Digging the translation.

Perhaps one of the weirdest views of Japan there is hahaha.

Just Kyde in the car.

That is a fairly large coin.


Wow a kitty.

Wow a nice kitty!

Nice sunset on our last day of our trip.

Golden hour Kyde.