Some of our favorite videos to make are weekend trips about Japanese prefectures. We've done a lot of them around the Tokyo area but haven't had a chance to explore Ibaraki yet so over the summer we took a few days to rent a van and find out what Ibaraki has to offer! Turns out quite a bit!

Van time!

Gotta pay the man!

It feels wonderful to be out of the city now and then.



Kyde taking the selfie!

Can't hold me down.

Sweet bridge! But she's too chicken to jump, hahahahahaha.



Carrots would give anyone that smile!

Right out of a Tim Burton film.

Milk coffee!

We look great!

Eric made a friend.

A little ramen restaurant had this little car....

...and the real one was outside!

"BBQ area"

...nice sunrise? Hahahaha.

Derpin out

That family must be rich.

Manhole cover art.



Let's go on an adventure!

Ho....honki juice? Should we be offended?

Wow, amazing little forest temple.

With an amazing little pond. Sometimes you just stumble across things that remind you that you are in Japan.

Nice wheels! Should we trade in Brat-brat-pew-pew?

Which fish are you?

On retrospect it seems crazy it took us this long to come to JAXA!

Space stuffs

"I caught a fish and it was thiiiiiiiiis big"

me irl

Making friends.

Getting prepped for Sweden.

Wow, that's hella green.

Getting make sausages!

Making sausages!

Sausage gun?!


More stuning green.

Just a couple of fancy pals.

Now that's a big deity.


Seriously, he's so big people on his face are just little tears.


Now *that* is a nice bunny!

Which end do you put carrots in?

heh heh. got him.


This makes me uncomfortable...

Hey girl.

Renkon is huge!