The day after we finished exploring Fukui Prefecture we landed in Ishikawa Prefecture to do four more days of exploring the Japanese countryside.

Good morning, Ishikawa!

Literally every time.

Loving that green and blue.

A literall sign of the times.

"We can't meet baby even now!"

Making frans.

Aw lord he comin

There is really no shorage of bunny action here. Prepare yourself for a lot of bunny pix.

Check out that toneh.

Pretty good derpy ears there on the right.

Just a couple of bun buns.

There is a Japanese fable about a rabbit that lives on the moon. This is the moon bunny shrine.

Now this is how you bunny hard.

Japanese people don't tend to sit on the ground and let animals climb all over them, so I ended up with a crowd of people watching too, haha.

May have been as many people as bunnies.

Haha, all this bunny butt makes me laugh.

Good times.

This bunny seemed...smarter? than the others.

Little light on the fluffy tail action, but you can't have it all. Come to think of it, is that just a myth?

Don't step on the giant caterpillars, please.

These were big boys for sure.

Kyde hand for scale.


Really cool rock formations!

Rolling. Real talk though, the wheelchair wasn't super sturdy, haha.

Another viewpoint. Neat!

Bob (no 's) House! What a logo, haha.

Just looking fresh, nothing special.

Imagine coming across this in the dark, hahahaha.

Cool looking car, I think it's a Skyline?

Neat paint.

Just a crew of kewl doods.

That taxi has a lot of windows.

White Balls!

Feeling some banana action at the end of day.


Meet Mr. Tatami Head. Because of course.

Now that is a slogan I can get behind.


Stoked for some 7/11 hahaha

Very cool looking train station in Kanazawa.

The Ishikawa version of the coke can.


Just some dudes on the beach.

The space museum had tons of "alien" stuff on their signage.

The "wear a mask" alien.

The "register when you come in" alien.

The "Don't be a awesome old dude" alien.

But really, it was a cool musuem.

"Can I climb out on that....?"

"I don't think I can...."

Did it!

Coasting into a new coaster.

Kyde loves this raincoat.

Stone cold eyes.

Fresh gear!

Bakery breakfast!

Best breakfast.

There is a rare character on the back of this truck. If you study Japanese, can you find it?

"I have to pull over!"

Wow nice Q-Bert.

Trying to catch a vibe for a thumbnail.

Nice little shrine on the coast.

The tori on the torii! Legendary!


Waiting for a train that never came.

The lady that runs the shop came out and gave him the spray bottle to hold for the photo, haha.

A mascot so famous they made an island for it!

Wow, awesome colors.

Another great reason to pull over!

Let's do a selfie!

Hover hand.

That uh, that one says "Abe!"

Wonderful mascot for a rice field, haha.

Miso is the best ramen, guys.

Feeling like a bandit.

So, Smart Cars aren't that small, apparently. This thing is out there being a lot smaller.


Wow nice

At a glance this felt like a real person lol

No penguins saying goodbye.


On our way home! Hope everyone enjoyed these videos!