Isle of Man was always alluring from it's name, flag and the amazing TT race. We didn't get to visit for the race (this time) but got to explore the ins and outs of the beautiful island for a couple weeks. We had a wonderful time and were happy to see each small town and all the walking paths around the island, hoping to return for the TT some day! A highly recommended stop in the British Isles!

Just arriving, stoked about the logo on the boat!

Ring around the sun!!

Lord of the tower.

..ok, so lord of halfway up the tower.

We were fascinated by the grass, of all things.

Us and the wheels!

It's purple over there!

You can see the wind in my pants.

Wow, neat church.

We were tired after a day of exploring, you can see it all over her face. It's a nice feeling though.

New day, new adventure! At the TT grandstands.

They have these markers all along the track. All the corners are marked as well as any other noteworthy places.

Talking to sheep.

Haha, great name.


Mirror selfies are fun.

What about the otter one?1


Wow again.

Buddies on a stroll.

Learning how to take low light photos.

We are in a cloud!

This could really apply to the entire island, haha.

Oh, right. The poison. The poison for Kuzco, the poison chosen especially to kill Kuzco, Kuzco's poison. That poison?

Charlie was a good boy.

The best clothes only fit little girls.

Wow, neat water wheel.

Enjoying their logo again!

Neat fish.

Throwing signs.

Very cool art.

We found a fairy door!

Can you find us?

Not sure why, but we were taken with this alley.


"I want that."

Great sighting of a late model Reliant Robin.

Not quite the season for a swim.

We met a manx kitty!

He was pointy.

And seemed pleased with himself.

Shadow buddies.

Another stunning tower.

Taking thumbnail pics on the beach.


Headed to Scotland next!