After travelling for 415 day and visiting 18 countries, it was time to head home. Here's the video covering the last leg of our trip around the Earth.

This was a picture of our last moments abroad on our big trip! It was perfect with the sunsetting and the crazy number of windsurfers.

Eric built his own windsurfing setup!

Hiding in the shadows waiting for the bus!

It was very strange to see the word "WASHINGTON" and know that it meant we were going home.

Somewhere above the Atlantic!

Business Class Treasures! Salt and Pepper!

Are all sea horses this tasty?

Fully recline? Don't mind if I do!

Almost there!


We took this same picture as we were leaving the US on our way to take this amazing trip. (Check it out here!) Hard to believe we were back! Oh, if you made it this far...check out a scan of Eric's passport here!