This update covers the time we spent on Jeju Island in Korea. It's an amazing little island that is quite a bit like Hawaii. Hope you enjoy the videos and pictures! We had a great time filming and finding all these little treasures!

Exercise or torture?

This is how we would spend most of our free time!

Some amazing art work!

BFFs!! That mouse has a huge sausage! The next couple of pictures are not child-safe! Please beware!

We visited Loveland, a themepark built around sex and arousal! There were tons of exotic statues and structures which made the older ladies blush!


She's got the right idea! Also, notice the mounds behind us forming a waterfall!

We went on a hike of the major volcano crater, Mt. Halla, of Jeju Island. We had read that deer were known to graze along the path. On the way up, we met no deer, but luckily we met this one on the way down!

Although we block a good bit of the scenery, it was beautiful!

Riding a robot dino!

Playing on our rented scooter! What a classy ride!!

While scooting around, we found a magic art museum! Every bit of the musuem was covered with mind-bending photo ops!

Getting some chin from some Rainbow Zebras!

One vicious ladybug!

Skimming the coastline on our way to a sunset spot!

An illuminated Eric!

We found a hedge maze out in the middle of nowhere!