Here's a huge update about our visit to Jerusalem. The videos total about an hour and a half! We spent a lot of time in the old city and made a couple of day trips to other places, like Bethlehem. Oh, if you're religious you may need thick skin to deal with our sarcasm in these videos. Enjoy!

The clustered effect of the Jerusalem cityscape is one we have never encountered before. Little boxes on the hillside.

Following a Rabbi through the confusing streets of the Old City.

Religious tourists can be some of the worst. We have never seen grown adults act so selfish, rude and downright racist as we did when trying to enter the alleged tomb of Jesus (which is the shiny building in the picture). Needless to say, it made us laugh quite heartily!

This ladder has reminded on a ledge of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre since 1854 due to the inability of the multi-religious joint owners to come to an agreement about its removal. No wonder progression in religious harmony is at a standstill.

Gummy is very important to all religions and you'll find an abundance of it in the Old City!

We met a guy and called him E2. He was beaten, bruised and intoxicating. After taking a pounding and being robbed, he came to our hostel. I'm not sure who took who under their wing, but we ended up having a strange night filled with being in the right place at the right time. Watch the videos to find out more!

Israeli slurpees spiked to perfection and an awesome hat to boot!

The man to Kyde's right is a doctor who randomly happened to chat us up and ended up advising E2 on how to treat his medical condition. E2 somehow managed to have his needs met by the amazingness of strangers. It was a great happenstance to watch.

This is one of our favorite pictures, holding hands outside of Damascus Gate. It is perfect because we actually found a calm moment in this very chaotic place.

When in need of a stylish kippah, you don't need to look far!

This is a very common sight. An attractive, young Israeli female with a semi-automatic weapon slung over her shoulder.

Not a special place or moment, but it was anciently peaceful.


Shot taken of the Old City from a Jewish cemetary (all those little white boxes are graves).

Get some camel chin!

A good visual representation of Palestine.

Incredible tile mosaics are a big thing here!

Safety on the the Via Dolorosa.

About to enjoy some fruit and introduce an older gentleman his first pomegranate!

There is to be no affection around the Dome of the Rock. OPPS!

The Old City gets a little spooky at night.

There was barely enough room for all the tourists to shuffle around in the cramped corridors. Then, we saw this thing coming! WATCH OUT!

A little bit of brillance on our way to the birthplace of Jesus.

Inside the door is the birthplace of Jesus. Outside is a bunch of adults pushing and shoving.

Apparently, that's where Jesus started!

This is Kyde's favorite tile mosaic that we found during our time in Israel. Just impeccable.

Copyright infringement avoided!


Graffiti covering the Israeli West Bank Barrier
Penguin High Five!

Graffiti covering the Israeli West Bank Barrier
After seeing the Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem, we couldn't help but feel the answer was yes.

Graffiti covering the Israeli West Bank Barrier
The walls of the barrier are 26 ft tall and stretch for 430 miles. Every reachable inch is covered with graffiti.

Reflecting after visiting the Holocaust Museum.

Peace after the crowds at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

Kyde hopes to never see this creepy bear ever again.