Our friends Victor and Charlie from Yummy Japan asked us to join them for an evening at an "interesting izakaya" run by Mark, a quirky Japanese man that has been running an establishment in Shimbashi for years. Mark turned out to be an amazing comedian/host who has turned the dance between absolute absurdity and kindness into an art. If you come to Tokyo, we'd really recommend spending a crazy evening with him at Kagaya.

Oh, also make sure to check out:
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Charlie on Youtube
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Tom's band's free music!

By the way, below our video here is the video Victor and Charlie made of the same night. Please don't compare my editing ability to theirs. Hahaha.

Charlie has been quite a few times so he knew what we were in store for. I was blissfully uaware, haha.

The insanity begins. Tom (Chan) enjoying the full brunt.

Ok, drinks on the menu....but a country? What?


Drinks are on their way! You can do it, England!

Kyde hanging out with Victor's beard.

Can't go wrong with nihonshu!

Kyde giving a shot to the vibrating beer jug.

Good advice.

Do you want to meet dick?!

You know it!

Another table ordered "France" and got portraits drawn.

Mark (the host) was kind enough to draw Chan and Kyde as well.


Softly touch.