Here is the final stop from our 3 week visit to Kyushu: Kagoshima city! A nice city with an awesome view of Sakurajima it also holds some amazing food...especially at the airport! If you want a taste of what a typical city outside of Tokyo and Osaka Kagoshima is a good place to check out for sure.

Kyde making friends.

Is that....ash?!

To the top!

The view from the top is no joke.

Saigo-san's little buddy. And a dog.


Flowers in the winter!


Let's go!

This door is stupid.

Two volcanos.

Hey girl haaaaay

Promising name.

Ok, so that's a plate of raw chicken.

Can you guess what's on the menu here?

Git yo hur did

Haha, they literally wrote out how "ice" is spelled in Japanese.

We are home.