Eric has been to Kamakura, but I haven't. It was about darn time that I got down there and checked the place out. We went with a very vague idea of what to do and ended up with lots of things we wanted to see and many that didn't make it on this trip. This visit covered a lot of touristy sites and the beach! We hope to go back again and do some hiking!

We found the Bamboo Garden very quickly!

It was so beautiful!

This guy totally sold us on the deliciousness that we found inside the restaurant!

Zelda was in full effect at the money spring!

Seriously, what is going on with the Zeldaness here?

A little serenity in one of the most touristed places in Japan!

We finally found the beach!

It was too cold to swim, but we had fun!

This guy was having way more fun than us, so we had to get in on it!