Ko Phi Phi is a beautiful island! From the clear waters to the bird's eye view of the island's hour-glass shape, there is much enjoy! Beware though, enjoy too much and you might get sick! Spoiler: Eric almost dies!

Trust us! It needs to be said!

After a challenging hike, we made it to the top of the island to get a bird's eye view of the tiny waist of Ko Phi Phi. The island has a beautful shape!

These boats were the local transportation to get around!

We went to a strange restaurant with writing all over the walls. We ate our meals and noticed a book on each table. The book talked about the the tsunami of 2004. Apparently the guy that owned the restaurant ended up stuck under debri after being swept up by the waves. He was miraculously saved and decided that he wanted to live his dream of cooking for people. He was a very nice guy and it was great to encourage his dream and contricute to his walls!

Our contribution!

Playing in the sand!

We don't have many pictures of the terrible experience which was Eric's watermelon encounter! Short story... Eric ate bad watermelon and it tried to kill him. This picture shows him a few days after the episode. He had lost so much weight!