We don't scuba dive, we don't belong to a frat and we don't like when lizards invade our toilet! Why the hell did we end up in Ko Tao. Even though this island was not our scene, we did find our way to love it!

No idea what this spiky, pink plant was, but it was pretty! Kyde's freckles are explosive!

As we enjoyed our breakfast, there were a few birds floating around hoping to get some scraps. This bird got super brave and jumped on Kyde's leg. Kyde has a phobia of animals biting her and she's really not fond of birds, but she held her composure!

Every canned beverage in Thailand comes with a straw!

A little chunk of paradise!

One of the best things about these beach side fun spots is finding all the good swings!

A beach poof! If you look out in the water, you can see Eric!

Playing with the waterproof camera!

Probably the best photo our camera has ever taken!

Going for a ride!

Now that's a big clam! (That's what he said!)

Adventuring on the other side of the island. It's very rocky, but fun to climb around!