Took us years go get there but we finally got to explore Kobe! Very cool town with a very cool vibe, would absolutly suggest a visit if you are in the area. Get some steak lol.

We didn't film this meal as it was just a chain yakuniki place but we had a nice time.

Good morning, Kobe.

Found the nightlife area.

These narrow shopping streets are neat before they open.

Dunno if I'm trusting that bunny.

If you ever forget what city you are in there are reminders all over Japan.


As we tend to do, we headed straight for the sea.

Kyde strutting her too cool for school look.

Please click the like button. Please.

This was the bathroom of the burger place we had lunch at. Bit overwhelming.

Fall is best.

Trying to get better with photos. Respect to those with actual skills.

Fika. Honestly on retrospect it was just meh hahaha.

Just checking we are still in town.


That's quite a claim.

Just a tad lost, in need of a manhole cover.

Ok, we really need a manhole cover. Are Europe?


The world needs more kitty statues.

Getting that sunset over the city thing going.

Let the gopro grab a timelapse.

Perilously perched on a fence. Hoping for no wind, haha.

Getting shots of night sky stuff is on the list of things I want to improve at. I have a rudimentary understanding and it's fun to play with.

The "European" area of the city looks really cool at night.

Hope they find their kitty.

Expensive dinner time!

Certified KOBE!

Tools of the master.

We are working on cloning Kyde, progress has been made.

No cat no life?

The king of pizza?

Meh at best.

I'm just copying the photo style of a friend haha.

This one kinda came out neat though!

He looks slightly unsure.

Really cool Koban sign.

Kyde's green noods.


Digging the vibes of Kobe.

Kyde's breakfast face!

Classy joint!

"Stop drink driving" poster by the Suntory.

That's a really big 163.

I think she was taking ass shots. hahaha

Hrm....something's missing.

Someone lost their alcohol license.

No bike gangs.

This was right next to our hotel, we walked through here quite a bit.

Look for a crowd to find the fun stuff.

Like this!

Kobe had some decent sunsets.

Not bad.

On our way to the other side of the island!