We spent a couple days exploring the prefecture of Kochi! Wonderful little hikes, strange finds, amazing food markets, awesome beaches and some sort of super poodles all tucked into the beautiful countryside. Kochi was great A+++++++ would buy from again!

Neat froggie.

Bamboo forests are amazing as a general rule.

Not bad.

Just a bunch of trees.


New friend!

Super K!

You know you at the beach.


Rocking sass.

A dude stopped on his motorbike trip to check out the tip of Shikoku. Bit jealous of his bike adventure.

In an area where most of the land is a result of somewhat recent earthquakes they have a geological study station in the hillside.

Neat temple stuff.

Don't litter on the pilgrim path. I can back this.

Oh, fancy.


Wait, is this real life?

Look at the reactions of other people, haha.

We sat in the castle area!

Hat bread!

It fits!

The red sign reads "gomen" which catches the eye as it's part of "gomen nasai" or "I'm sorry." In this case it's the name of a small nearby town that apparently has a handmaid concrete railway? We didn't go, but I just googled it and it looks like a normal city tram, haha.

Countryside sushi!

Here is the map of the market from our travel magazine.

wow nice whales.

Pure nastyness. Blegh.

We didn't manage to meet Shinjo-kun, but there was no lack of his image in town, hahaha.

Friends or BEST friends?

Squeaky hot-dog Shinjo-kun might be the best.

Eggs and rice! We're sold!


Now that's a beautiful family.

We found a little slice of paradise.

The view we were looking to find.


Just a standard shot of the Japanese countryside.

Wow nice cocks.


Love the countryside view from our hotel.

Check out the surfer dude in the water.

We at the beach!

Notice for the ladies.

Cool little overlook.

What is that man doing?! Seriously!

Making friends.


Stacking ca$h money

More wonderful coastline.

That's a big turtle head.


Wow, he's green!

Eric is up there in a tree. See next photo.


Religious dudes.

We spent a while trying to make this face, hope now you are too.

This is a windows closed situation.

The kanji says "couple's rock"

About to explore a really cool little aquarium.

Wes Anderson vibes.


Looking for fishes

Sometimes you gotta touch to focus with your nose.

The banner says the (then) brand new Japanese era name. You saw a lot of this around that time.