These videos and pictures are from Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. We spent Christmas in this Muslim country and we were very suprised to see how Christianity takes over the entire world during the holiday season. Enjoy!

You're gonna what?

We played around at the Kuala Lumpur Tower around sunset. Once the sun went down, we checked out the small zoo they have. It was pretty good!

The gorgeous Petronas Towers! Kyde wishes she could have these as a pet!

That is a serious leaf!

Our tour of the towers included a very badly done 3D show, but we looked hip!

Enjoying the view!

The Petronas Towers are so awesome!

Tandoori Chicken!

Mall for miles into the sky!

Kyde decided to get herself new glasses for Christmas since she lost her old ones!

Eric is too tall to ride!

Best graffiti ever? YES!

New Glasses!

The Towers floating in the fog!

A visit to the Batu Caves will take you down! 272 steps to get to the top! You can do it!