This is one of our best Japanese adventures yet! Through some really great information from a Kumamoto native, we were able to make the best plan of attack and executed all the fun with perfection! We were only in Kyushu for 52 hours, but we did so much stuff! Fun food, lots of time in the air and driving! Kyde loves driving! Hope you enjoy!

You know you are out of Tokyo when the first thing you encounter are cows!

The scenery reminded Kyde of Virginia!

The sunset on top of Tawarayama!

We made it to the edge of the crater of Aso!

A blurry picture of our dengaku experience! We have realized that making videos has really cut into our picture taking!

Every last bite? No. Bones are not tasty!

Kyde paragliding!

Eric paragliding! Look how long his legs are!!!

The paragliding outfit makes you feel like a bit of a slug!

Cheek squeezing a Kumamon!

Tokotsu ramen wasn't for us, but it was interesting!

Yup, that's right! We're in the sky!

The helicopter was excellent. The pilot gave us a full English tour. We were very happy!

Helicopters are awesome!

At Shirakawa Shrine, we got to taste some of the best water in Japan!

Look how amazing it looks!

Fall colors and smiles!

The open road!

This pony loves sake!

The ryokan was a bit expensive, so Kyde made sure we got her money's worth! Lots of tea, goodies and robes!

Eric really liked this boob hill!

Kyde found a cat bus!

We visited the Takachiho Gorge and you can do some paddle boating there! Kyde volunteered to be the driver! She was so happy...

... until she realized that she sucks at it!

She did get us to a waterfall and it was gorge-ous... get it?


Kumamoto Castle was a bit disappointing on the inside, but the outside looked great!

The mascot was super cute!

Samurai time!