Kyoto provides an endless number of temples to visit and explore! We decided to jump on a bus and get our temple on! Lots of nature and lots of gates! We didn't templed out, will you?

Good morning!

Fushimi Inari Taisha is known for it's millions of toriis and it was so cute to see these tiny toriis!

Summer spider still hanging out in fall!


This little shrine has a super hero feel!

Nature rules here!

This is one of the strangest horoscope systems we've ever seen. You pick a piece from the stomach and get the corresponding horoscope, if you can stomach it! Get it? Get it?

Tiny dango balls!

Nighttime brought a whole new light to the temples!

Little bit of sexy creepy is always intriguing!

The coblestone streets really reminded us of Jerusalem but the temples really kept us in Japan!

Once the lights were going in the evening the crowds got a little insane!

During fall, they light all the temples to show off the folliage. They also try to light the moon. Good try guys!

Kyde gave them a little help! She's so powerful!

These guys go way back. Seriously! What a great reunion!

Making new friends!

Putting bunny ears on a bunny! Classic!

This is where Kyde fell in love with moss!



Can you find Kyde?

Getting to the top of Kyoto at Ginkakuji

We saw so many toriis at Fushimi Inari, but this was by far the biggest one! It was HUGE!

We got a little tipsy and enjoyed lots of yakiniku

Kyoto is the birthplace of Nintendo!

It all started as a playing card company. Can't believe how far it's come! Way to go Mario!

Here's the actual building where it all began!

You can park your car over there!


This temple wasn't even emphasized on our map. That's how many temples dot the streets of Kyoto! It was a nice, relaxed place to step away from the crowds.

We climbed a tree!

Hanging out at the izakayas by the canal

That's perverse!