Hi. Here's part three of the four part series of our lives in Japan during 2011. This video is another long one at just over 45 minutes, but it includes a lot of footage about Kyde's experience teaching at her school! Enjoy!

Tommy is the Brand Manager for a an importer of outdoor equipment and clothes. Nordisk is one of the brands he sells and we got to try out a few of their tents!

Setting them up is a bit awkward and we really enjoyed leaving Emma holding the pole under the tarp! She's in there!

We follow rules well!

Tommy's other brand is Yeti which you'll see from the jacket Kyde is wearing.

Tommy's job has him going to a lot of camping events and a few times we have been put on the VIP list to go with him! We get to camp out, eat strange food, meet odd people and enjoy the fog!

Some of the more odd and awesome people that we met!

On the way back from one trip, we had to hit up Costco for some pizza! We miss American pizza so much!

Eric loves bananas!

No idea where we are, but it didn't matter!

Japan's emergency mascot! Here the emergency number is 119!

The 100 yen shop has a lot of treasures!

Meet Rody! He's friendly!


Ponicorn graffiti!

Poor Pete!

Don Quijote is a bottomless pit of random sex-related items.

Punk rock in a cubicle!

I want you, I need you, I love you!