Luang Prabang is a great place! From the gorgeous waterfalls for jumping to the night markets for buying gifts and trying treats, we were quite happy! Jump in, the water is freezing!

Luang Prabang was home to one of Kyde's favorite markets. There were so many cool handcrafts to enjoy and buy!

It is imperative for any traveller to see the Kuang Si Falls if they find themselves in Laos! We made sure to do so!

Upon entry to the falls, you are greeted by bears! Seriously, there is a zoo-like setting with a good number of young bears! No idea why!

Don't forget their arctic brethren!

Notice the fence behind Eric. That's for safety! Eric doesn't care as he peers over the edge of the waterfall!

The view down! The falls are made up of 3-tiers of incredible beauty! At each level, you have to stop and really take in how incredible the area looks! This is from the top tier!

At the lowest tier, the waterfall is much smaller but it has a good pool for jumping! We both braved the rapids and took the plunge! Side note: The water was frigid!

Funniest lost dog poster ever? YES!