Hi there. Good news! This is an update with two videos about Luxor, Egypt. We both took our first ride in a hot air balloon and it was amazing!

A riverside walk with a swarm of birds!

A beautiful sunset over the Nile River.

We took a sunrise hot balloon ride over Luxor! It was enchanting!

Good morning, Eric!

Hot air balloons everywhere!

We had the best balloon!

Sunrise over the Nile.

Riding over the farm land.

There were a lot of people in our balloon! 30-40 people!

A snapshot over the local houses. It's a striking difference from home!

Our landing locked up traffic!


Wandering around an ancient world!

Just a copy cat.

Practicing for her mummification!

Goat diving board! This was the chattest goat in all of Egypt! Why is he up there?

Should have bought one of these! Damn our tiny bags!

This is seriously a washing machine in Egypt. We were mystified by the bot and had to have one of the girls working there help us use it.

Hamburger party!