Eric randomly noticed a very cheap train fare to take us to Matsumoto overnight. We got super excited and had a great time breaking our bodies hiking, seeing the sights of Matsumoto and Nagano and riding the Shinkansen!

Ready to hike!

Nothing goes better with a hike than a ham sandwich!

Finally some nature! There isn't much of that in Tokyo!

We found fall!

It was such a good site to see this sign telling us there were only 10 more minutes to go!

At the end of our hike, we did not find a great view. We found a hot cup of soup and this guy!

Don't look down!

The view from above!

Once we were off the mountain, we could see some real beauty!

He looks so amazing!

Classic mirror shot!

Quite a stern looking doggy in the window!

Ring my bell!

We made it to Matsumoto castle!

Met a warrior!

The castle was so much fun!

No one would wave back at Kyde. So disappointing!

Biki loves Zenko-ji!

Random shot!

Rilakuma prayers!

Some delicious love!

Yeah, lookin' good!

A double decker dessert bus! YUM!


Let's head home!

Time to zoom!