We have been super super busy this past month! We moved from Kumagaya, both started new jobs, have had two birthday parties and Kyde's brother is visiting! This video covers the move we made from Kumagaya to Saitama-shi at the start of April. Then yesterday we moved AGAIN to a different apartment in our building. Yea....super busy!

One of our last days in Kumagaya we spent at the Cherry Blossom festival with Tommy and Emma. Super peaceful!

All of our stuff packed up and ready to be moved to the van!

Our last dinner in our apartment in Kumagaya, back to sitting on the floor with all the furniture packed up.

Our little moving van midway through being packed.

Kyde's cactus taped to the dashboard and ready to go!

Moments after Eric arrived at the new apartment.

Kyde and the little van!

Kyde IN the little van!

The little van is empty!

...and the new apartment is full!

Our new city hall gave us a "welcome to the city" packet. Awesome.

Chicken escaped!