After a roadtrip around the prefecture we returned to Nagasaki City to explore for a few days. Of course we checked out the sobering atomic bomb museum, but we also made sure to dig into other things Nagasaki has to offer...especially it's foods. Oh, also some traditional Christmas dinner happened!


A huge turtle statue an older lady turned is on to. Very cool.

Epic samurai stuffs.

Beware of wild hogs!

Looking good with spectacles.

Looking *amazing* with spectacles.


This cat is straight chilling.

Wow fire kitty.

There are a lot of camouflage cats here outside a shrine.

Fish in the shade!

Cool little train building.

Nagasaki flower.

Christmas dinner!

What goes on behind the scenes.

The view from our hotel room wasn't too bad at all.

Someone is going to need some new wheels.

Trams are huge down in Nagasaki, acting as the main mode of public transport along with busses.

Battleship island! Very cool to see but we will have to return someday for a proper tour.

Checking out some more mining gear.

Kyde's company is a subcontractor for Mitsubishi, and this is the founder.

This menu is no joke!

Took us years, but eventually we found panties in a vending machine! Check that off the list.

Buildings in Japan can be small, but this is getting ridiculous.

Calligraphy is difficult.

This kid is getting some serious work done.

Made a friend on the ferry on the way to our next adventure! Stay tuned!